What do most people do?

They post a package on their website and expect people to commit… maybe it’s to one month, three months, maybe it’s even to a year and they wonder why only 10% of their clients say yes to this.

Automation is king and client is secondary.

  1. Build a Relationship:
    1. Forgetting that there is a sale on the backend.
    2. Move into mode of someone who genuinely wants whats best for them
    3. Intentional Intake: What is an intake process? Pulling back the barriers of the prospect and finding out why they are actually there.
    4. Honesty is the utmost value here.
  2. Build the trust:
    1. What’s a realistic expectation?
    2. You as the expert need to come out and shine and the most realistic way to achieve those goals.
    3. Not going to buy if you don’t trust them. Earning the right comes here.
  3. Build the value.
    1. Value is not monetary, it’s the value results are truly worth to the client, but oftentimes, that’s not the perspective they come in with.
    2. As an owner or manager, you may know what you can provide, but as a new client, they have no clue. So, this is the time for them to not be shy about their knowledge and their expertise. This is the time for passion to separate them the competition. Confidence in yourself and instructors.
  1.  Build the long term results with the client: Whatever it is that you are promising them or providing them, then the actions have to continue.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What does asking for permission mean and why is it important?
  • Why we could be giving away too much info…
  • Why building the relationship is the most important (and number one step) in sales
  • Why you shouldn’t consider yourself a “sales person”!
  • The importance of the intake process
  • Ways to establish trust with prospective clients and show your value

With grit + gratitude,