So you’re ready to…

Buildout your new space…

Expand your current space…

Or renovate the you-know-what out of your existing location

Who you gonna call?

Your favorite contractor {who sadly does not have a Hemsworth brother as a secretary… and if you haven’t seen the new Ghostbusters, trust me you’ve missed out}.

After renovating, building, and expanding businesses in three states, I’ve learned a thing or two about the elusive “amazing, honest contractor,” who I can attest exists in many places.

Finding him or her just comes down to a willingness to do your due diligence and make sure you have all your ducks in a row, cause I hate to say this, but most often when jobs come in over time and budget, it’s down to clients {and indecision or downright bad decisions}.

So take a listen as I walk through:

  1. What you need to know as you’re hiring a contractor {and no, a basic “they were good” reference isn’t enough, but don’t worry, I’m giving you the questions to ask}
  2. The number 1 was to finish early and under budget {and given I’ve done this the last three times, I think it may actually work pretty well}
  3. Every major category that needs to line itemed out. Yes, I said line itemed out, since you do need to know exactly what everything costs so you can make a clear decision.
  4. Where to plan ahead for future expansion {cause there’s nothing worse than ripping up all your new flooring since you need another bathroom ASAP}
  5. And, how to save 10% or more with a simple ask {hint: you can negotiate with your contractor on their management fees and save serious dollars}.

With grit + gratitude,