Rachel and Lauren Piskin got introduced to my life in a roundabout way.

You see, my first Pilates certification was with The PhysicalMind Institute.

Lauren, after decades of establishing herself as a go-to fitness professional with organizations such as CBS, opened the PhysicalMind’s NYC certifying studio, and quickly became an icon that I’ve kept on my radar for years.

Fast forward just a few years, and her daughter, Rachel, joined her to develop, The Reinvention Method and Chaise Fitness. 

What do I love about this duo?

Well, they’re the first mother-daughter duo I’ve had the chance to spend time with on this journey {and my momma who’s been alongside me was doing a happy dance that we weren’t the only one}.

They each bring unique strengths to the table, but both lead with a visionary mindset as to what boutique fitness should be….

And, what’s that you ask?

Customer driven…

Extraordinary experiences…

Staff that embody the family this business literally is…

And, a growth plan to take the same stellar service throughout the country as they franchise their model.

What sets them apart from the masses is their drive to build a methodology so distinct that there are no competitors, so well taught that every customer has an amazing experience, and with a team so strong that you can grow a multi-location business with the operational systems to make it, well, almost easy.

Join me on this episode as we share:

  • You can always start over!
  • Why Lauren got certified in Pilates and how she applied it to her niche
  • Rachel’s journey in transitioning from a career in dancing to running a business with her mother
  • The one thing that sets them apart from other businesses
  • How they’ve used internal referrals as the number one source of new business
  • Ways they maintain relationships with their community
  • Why they hold their certifications like an audition!
  • The importance of developing your staff

With grit + gratitude,