Local Media is {not} dead.

It’s just time to repurpose it.

Case in point…

These four strategies that we’ve used to turn FREE local publicity in hundreds of thousands of dollars of new client and corporate sales.

And, the best part about them?

You can choose one action item and get started building your brand and your client base today.

So let’s get started…

  1. Use the Oft Maligned Press Release: For the first seven years of my business, I ignored, derided and blatantly refused to use a press release.

But, one day a plucky manager of mine sent one off to the local paper and in the next week, three new people walked through our doors. It was nothing fancy, but overwhelmingly effective and it changed my views of press releases forever.

Since then, we’ve announced our new hires, new programs, new locations and new moves and driven in new clients each and every time.

What’s made them effective is a simple Call to Action within the release that gives clients a reason to step forward and join you.

  1. Be the expert: As our industry grows more saturated with generalists, it’s your job to become “the expert”.

And, not just any expert.

Whether you’re the go to resource on new momma issues for the local television station, a rehabilitative expert for geriatric populations that writes for the local paper, or the premiere athletic trainer for children between the ages of 13-18, you have a chance to carve a niche for yourself as the best of the best.

**If you’re in a town of 10,000 people or less, you can remain a generalist, but I would encourage you to speak to specific audiences you regularly see in your media appearances.

  1. Adopt a Reporter: Yes, literally take them on free of charge for 30 days and let them share the experience.

Trust me when I tell you, you’ll never get better publicity than this!

  1. Engage your Local Business Organizations and Chamber: Ever wondered how to access a treasure trove of potential corporate clients and thousands of prospects? Just walk through the front door of your local Chamber of Commerce or similar organization.

Our local business organizations provided free of charge:

  • Email blasts to hundreds of local businesses with thousands of local employees
  • Signage of major promotions on the primary highway in town
  • Facebook and Instagram campaigns
  • And, relationships that helped hundreds of clients through our doors.

Can you see why I want you to get in touch?

So you’re ready to get started and maybe make this happen? Then I’ve got something to help you on the way. Click HERE to grab a copy of our Press Release template that’s ready for you to complete and send to your local media.

With grit + gratitude,