Praise for Working with Lise

As a female business owner its easy to reach burnout when you’re trying to balance family, work and a life. Lisa manages to take the big vision of business and break down the plan into easy manageable steps. She is brilliant at understanding base operating expenses and how to immediately create profits from expense. Best yet, she creates systems that provide not only profits but freedom.

Carole Boxell
Owner, The Village Fox


Lisa is truly one of the most gifted business women I’ve ever met – yet she keeps everything so straight forward, user friendly and seamless. She saw a potential automated system in my Pilates studio that both simplified my life and allowed for greater income that was predictable! Yay! She identified where time and resources were being wasted and showed me how to turn it all around. She is a breath if fresh air and bright and efficient ideas that will blow into your business and leave you feeling less stressed, re-energized and set up to make more income!

Michelle Laframboise
Owner, Pilates Barre


Lisa rocks! Her knowledge and enthusiasm has helped us on the road to success with our first health club.

Alice Muellerweiss
Author of It’s Your Career, Own It!
Former Dean of the Veterans Affairs Learning College
Owner, Muellerweiss and Associates


I approached Lisa about 4 years ago about starting my own business. I was skeptical about my chances for success. Lisa’s is not just about business advice. She’s about real, actionable solutions that have worked brilliantly – for both profits and potential. Lisa is driven and knowledgeable, but also personable. As an entrepreneur herself, she understood my fears and how to overcome those. Her critical thinking and no nonsense approach to a business strategy were instrumental in the development of my business. Lisa knows how to get to the root of business problems and build a system to fix them. Lisa exudes confidence, and she truly knows how to help people achieve their business targets and professional goals. I could tell you many things about Lisa’s organization, business and problem solving skills, but it was her honest advice and encouraging force what helped me the most.

Amarylis Lopez


Lisa was an absolute blessing to work with. Her upbeat attitude and her energetic personality kept all aspects of purchasing our first business very positive. Lisa’s knowledge and resources are her greatest assets and this will show when you work with her. Lisa’s ability to see the bottom line is making our already profitable business even more so. Just her work renegotiating our lease made us $57,000 in our first month working with her. I cannot recommend her services enough… she will add to your bottom line and profits!

Chris Thomas

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