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I’m Lisa Kuecker, but my family and dearest friends, call me Lise.

I live in a village, yes an honest to God village with brick sidewalks, a nearly hundred year old library two blocks away, and streets swathed in magnolia trees. It’s in the middle of North Carolina in a region where tourists love to visit.

Locals and tourists love to mingle at the pool of a majestic old hotel and our conversations always go like this:

“Wow, this is my dream place to live, but what do you do here? How do you earn a living from paradise?”

And, that my dear is a question worth answering.

By technical terms, I am certified Pilates, Barre, Yoga and Cycling instructor who loves nothing more than transforming people’s lives and bodies. But starting six years ago, my life needed a change and I started my first of four health clubs.

During the week, I run my multi-seven figure health and fitness business from the dining room table and back porch of my 118 year old cottage…it has a name, Elm Cottage…I haven’t quite gotten over the fabulousness of that.

Over the last 6 years I’ve built my management team to handle the majority of day-to-day operations so that I only have to visit my business locations – which are located in three states, none of which is North Carolina – from time to time.

My area of genius focuses on the big picture revenue increasing strategies like:

And, every now and again I still get to teach a class or two, because once a Pilates instructor, always a Pilates instructor.

But it wasn’t always like this.

In fact, this business was birthed in our 1200 square foot house in Washington state, with a foster son at my feet, a baby in my belly and a husband serving at Ft Lewis, Washington.

I loved fitness and had been on an amazing journey with it for several years. I had contracted with a Fortune 100 company to develop their Pilates and yoga program and I had spent two years learning some very serious lessons. And, in the end, I had a very happy staff who were very well paid, I was working very hard, but personally I was rarely taking home a paycheck.

My dear, if you compound pregnancy, marriage and stress, the results are rarely pretty. I was the most frustrated and stressed mother-to-be you could imagine. I was far from a vision of success.

So I made a decision, that changed my life and one that I know will change yours.

I took charge of every reason I had failed, every decision that I had made and I swore I would never make them again. I took a leap of faith on a young franchise and decided to buy three territories from it. Much to the horror of my sales rep I announced they would be in three states and no, I didn’t plan to spend 80 hours per week in them. She warned me this was not normal. I warned her neither was I {Wink}.

And so begins, my “profits from the porch” adventure.

Through these three territories, I learned many more lessons, but I followed my core concept. I worked on my business from afar, drove over and sometimes through obstacles and grew a very successful set of companies. My staff had little turnover, our numbers grew yearly and life was good. In 2013, I made the decision to buy a failing business in my franchise and in less than a year transformed it to rank in the top 5% in our franchise. I also started to hear from women entrepreneurs and military spouses. They wanted to know my secrets.

And you’re in luck. Because sharing secrets is what I do in my Kismet Club.

Fortune and freedom are your fate.

Xo, Lise