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Podcast Episode 161: These Are Your 3 BIGGEST Competitors {and this is exactly what you need to do to stand your ground against them}

You have competition.  

This is likely not shocking {or if it is, you and I need to have a little chat}.  

But, who your real competition is, likely looks far different than the devilish client stealers down the street you’ve been staring daggers.  

In fact, as we began surveying hundreds of our studio owner’s clients over the last year, I was personally in for the shock of my life. The real competition, well, it was nothing like what I’d bet on.  

So without further adieu, let’s take a look at the three biggest competitors you likely have {and thank all those clients for spilling the beans so we could actually create some major systems to combat them}.  

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • An early experience in business I had that put a fear of competition in my mind
  • How we became “competition killers!”
  • Ways you can differentiate your business from the online competition
  • The role accountability and community will play in the decision-making process of your customers
  • The two major types of buyers that exist (and why you’ll want to stay out of “the middle” when it comes to pricing!
  • How to overcome price objections and which clients to focus on
  • The one metric that you need to start tracking now


Planet Money Podcast Episode 

“Here’s what it takes to be a ClassPass superuser”

With grit + gratitude, 


Podcast Episode 160: Meet Holly Rilinger, Who’s Leading The Merger of HIIT and Meditation In Her Newest Book and Ongoing World Tour of Classes
Holly Rilinger.3

I wish I could tell you when Holly Rilinger appeared on my radar.  

It was post her becoming a Fly Wheel superstar and Master Trainer, but before she managed to land on Bravo, as one of the foremost trainers in the country.  

While her teaching is extraordinary, it’s her Spirit that drew me in… and yes, I say Spirit with a capital “S” here, cause this woman is one of a kind.  

As a 5’4” college basketball player {who happened to live just miles from where I sit now}, she defied what most people would call “the odds” to play professional basketball.  

Her determination, grit, and tenacity is at the forefront of every single move of her career, from the real estate job that inspired her back into the gym, to building a brand that encompasses her book, Lifted: 28 Days to Focus Your Mind, Strengthen Your Body, and Elevate Your Spirit, specialized HIIT and meditation classes inspired by the book, and of course, her day-to-day clientele.  

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Holly’s disadvantages or hardships made her journey and experience
    even better
  • You can gain perspective by stepping away!
  • The way her workouts transformed into something more meaningful to her
    and her clients
  • Holly’s strategy to incorporating meditation into her sessions
  • How she used her authenticity to grow herself and her practice
  • Why the impact goes so far beyond fitness and what Holly’s vision is for
    the future!

With grit + gratitude,


Podcast Episode 159: Your Studio’s Ads Need Copy…Here’s How You Write It


It’s everywhere.  

You’re reading it right now…

And, the moment you scroll onto Instagram and hit your first ad…

And, when you pop open The Times and see a Fashion Week promo…

And, even when you’re checking out at the grocery store.  

We’re so surrounded by words that we forget the power they hold…

To sway us into new thought patterns…

To challenge our beliefs…

And, to make us step outside of our comfort zone and into the less than status quo.  

Without good copy, your marketing, your emails, your website, and anything emblazoned with your message will fall short.  

Only problem?

It’s a little hard to open a blank screen and get started.  

Today, our in-house copywriter, Danielle Pastula, and I are breaking down what you need to know about copy and how to make it as simple as a…b…c.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why copy is key!
  • The signs that your copy is too generic
  • How to niche down your copy
  • What an ICA is…
  • How surveys can help you write copy
  • What a “hero’s journey” is and how it applies to you


With grit + gratitude,


Podcast Episode 158: Meet Chelsea Kocis, The COO and Co-Founder of Swerve Whose Transforming the Model {and Ride} of Boutique Cycling

I heard about Swerve Fitness from a friend, a former college athlete turned Wall Street trader with a heart of gold and abs of steel.  

Since he’d never remotely shown an interest in boutique fitness, and he fits the description of the male clients so many studios dream of, I started listening fast when he described one of his new favorite workouts…

At a cycling studio founded on team, where community rules, but results are oh so real.  

The more I dug into Swerve, the more I was fascinated…

A totally new business model in the cycling world… Check.

An innovative founding crew who saw a hole in the market and filled it… Check.

And, the team and systems to support rapid growth… The BIGGEST Check of All.  

So I was thrilled when Chelsea Kocis, the COO and Co-Founder of Swerve, let me peek behind the curtains and deep dive into the systems, analytics and hiring processes behind this cutting edge studio.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Chelsea successfully implemented the concept of competition into her classes
  • How they managed to bring teamwork and motivation to boutique fitness
  • Why building community inside and outside the classroom is a major part of what they do
  • What is a “speaker series”
  • How often should change your packages and what is the best way to do so without overwhelming or confusing your customers
  • What the hiring and training process looks like for Chelsea’s company
  • Ideas on employee retention that she practices with her team

With grit + gratitude,