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Podcast Episode 134: Meet the Mother-Daughter Team That Are Transforming Boutique Fitness in NYC {And Taking The Next Big Leap to Franchise Their Method}

Rachel and Lauren Piskin got introduced to my life in a roundabout way.

You see, my first Pilates certification was with The PhysicalMind Institute.

Lauren, after decades of establishing herself as a go-to fitness professional with organizations such as CBS, opened the PhysicalMind’s NYC certifying studio, and quickly became an icon that I’ve kept on my radar for years.

Fast forward just a few years, and her daughter, Rachel, joined her to develop, The Reinvention Method and Chaise Fitness. 

What do I love about this duo?

Well, they’re the first mother-daughter duo I’ve had the chance to spend time with on this journey {and my momma who’s been alongside me was doing a happy dance that we weren’t the only one}.

They each bring unique strengths to the table, but both lead with a visionary mindset as to what boutique fitness should be….

And, what’s that you ask?

Customer driven…

Extraordinary experiences…

Staff that embody the family this business literally is…

And, a growth plan to take the same stellar service throughout the country as they franchise their model.

What sets them apart from the masses is their drive to build a methodology so distinct that there are no competitors, so well taught that every customer has an amazing experience, and with a team so strong that you can grow a multi-location business with the operational systems to make it, well, almost easy.

Join me on this episode as we share:

  • You can always start over!
  • Why Lauren got certified in Pilates and how she applied it to her niche
  • Rachel’s journey in transitioning from a career in dancing to running a business with her mother
  • The one thing that sets them apart from other businesses
  • How they’ve used internal referrals as the number one source of new business
  • Ways they maintain relationships with their community
  • Why they hold their certifications like an audition!
  • The importance of developing your staff

With grit + gratitude,


Podcast Episode 133: You’re ready to launch your next big training or workshop. Here’s how to make it a thriving success.

Once upon a time you had a brilliant, beautiful dream.

Maybe it was to finally share the teaching methodology, you’ve built, nurtured and passionately planned…

Maybe it was the weekend workshop on a topic so near and dear to your heart, you’ve been bursting at the seams to share…

Or, maybe, it’s the week away in Tulum, and the fourteen slots you need to fill to make it a success {cause seriously, who’s gonna pass up Tulum?}.

No matter what, you’ve got the idea down pat.

Now, you need the people {and the plan} to make it happen.

And, it takes four key steps to get there:

  1. Right Pricing {if this isn’t right, nothing is}:

Yes, pricing is subjective.

Good news is, you’re in charge.

Bad news is, since you’re in charge, you’ve gotta put a dollar figure on your services.

Best news is, that I’m here to help.

2. Right People {‘cause it’s easy to waste lotsa dollars on the wrong ones}:

Nothing’s gonna roll right on the marketing side if you don’t know exactly who you’re targeting.

So we’re gonna figure this out before you spend a dime {or a few hundred} on the wrong ones.

3. Right Marketing Plan {and no, basic FB ads aren’t gonna cut it}:

Oh, dear, darlin’ marketing plan. Without one, you’re up a creek without a paddle {and missing those really important people to make this a success}.

Good news is, there are some basics that can nearly guarantee success.

4. Right Follow Through {cause without this no one’s actually gonna sign up}:

Marketing is step one. Actually getting people to say “yes” is another story.

So let’s lay out a plan to actually make that happen.

On this Episode, I’m sharing:

  • How to find the best offer – and why you should set your pricing upfront
  • Why I recommend a flat fee for guest speakers (with a few exceptions)
  • How to set your demographic before diving in to the marketing
  • Targeting and re-targeting strategies
  • Imagery and landing pages need special consideration!
  • Why email sequences should be as personalized as possible
  • Why is online chat can be very helpful…
  • The four types of buyers you’ll encounter

With grit + gratitude,


Podcast Episode 132: The Must Have Guide to Leases For Brick and Mortar Studio Owners

My first lease negotiations were far from glamorous.

I was 6 months pregnant, across the country from our chosen location, and trying to do the best I could.

Unfortunately, the best proved in time it could have been way better {and that I was lucky I was in a low enough cost community to handle the consequences}.

Since then, I’ve negotiated dozens of leases on my behalf and on the behalf of my clients and with every lease, I’ve gotten more confident in my must have rules to leases….

After all, this one little document is likely the difference between major success and…


And, no one wants to deal with that seven-letter “f” word.

So let’s deep dive into the nitty-gritty, the often missed {yes, even by commercial real estate agents} and the when to make the leap from home or sublet studio to full on retail space.

Best part, you might just be able to take on some epic lease re-negotiations and use this podcast to save you thousands over the the next few years…

Or in the case of our best negotiations, $300,000 over 10 years… y’all, that’s the cost of a general manager’s base salary in most parts of the country. See why I mean, it’s worth it?

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why the lease has to be right for all of the parties involved to truly work
  • The single most important thing to have when negotiating
  • How to know when is the right time to lease (and a calculation to use)
  • The basic terms and figures you’ll hear in the commercial leasing world
  • The key clauses and phrases in leases you’ll need to be on the lookout for
  • Why a shorter lease may not be in your best interest
  • Remember to always ASK!

With grit + gratitude,


Podcast Episode 131: Use These 6 Pillars To Change Your Team Engagement {And Your Studio} Forever

Here’s a few facts:

60% of our clients have 1 or more team members.

30% or so of those clients have 7 or more team team members.

100% of these clients have struggled to have their team truly engaged in their business.

So what’s the problem here?

I call it the Independent Contractor Conundrum, although unfortunately, it’s just as likely to happen with many hourly employees.

It begins with a team member who waltzes in 5 minutes before their client session and waltzes out the moment the session ends, with no concept that their presence is needed for studio basics like:

  • Signing clients in
  • Making sure they’re properly equipped for class
  • Checking in with where each client is emotionally as well as physically so they can bring their client the very best they need today
  • Providing basic sales
  • Addressing the minor frustrations that clients express before they become major problems
  • And, this list goes on and on and on…

The fact is in studios across the country we have a significant problem with teams that assume their sole job is to provide their service {and be paid upwards of 75% to do so}.

We dealt with this problem head-on about four and a half years ago in our own businesses. I was exhausted dealing with employees {yes, employees} who showed and ran, and clients who never got the exact level of service I wanted {which admittedly is really high}.

It’s how these Pillars came to be.

They’ve evolved over the years, but they’re the primary foundation of our team’s scope of work, schedule A’s and entire basis for how we work together.

And, they’ve changed what teams meant in our business, moving our staff from “show and go” to true teams that unite together to do great things in our community, our client’s lives, and our business itself.

Pillar #1: My primary goal is to provide my customers an extraordinary experience {aka make their day}.

Pillar #2: My primary service is not my training, teaching or the service itself.  It’s the inspiration and encouragement I bring my client.

Pillar #3: If I confront a problem, I should actively solve that problem.

Pillar #4: My job begins when I walk through the door and ends when I leave {and it includes far more than my individual service}.

Pillar #5: It’s not enough to provide a service. I must understand and adapt emotionally to the clients placed before me.

Pillar #6: The client is paying for their personal experience, not my life story. I have to leave my experience, life and struggles outside the studio.

With grit + gratitude,