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Podcast Episode 125: Let’s Turn Inventory Management Into Cash Management Because That’s What Using Your Inventory of Content, Physical Products and Services Should Be

When you think of the words “inventory management,” what comes to mind? Maybe things like…

Those t-shirts you can’t keep on your shelves…

UPS, Fedex or anyone else who’s bringing you things to sell…

Anything by Spiritual Gangster, Alo Yoga or Lululemon {cause let’s face it those can be awfully fun}.

But inventory management doesn’t stop with literal physical inventory… in fact that’s on scratching the surface.

Think of blog posts, recipes you’ve emailed out over the years, amazing topics in a private Facebook group, or even the repertoire of your best selling group and private sessions…

All of these are inventory for you to use, re-purpose, and create to draw new clients through your doors and keep old clients coming back for more.

So why do we waste much more time recreating the same stuff over and over again?

I got four words for you: Way. Too. Much. Information.

What if you had a place where all of your past stuff was logged and stored to either reuse or decide you want to come up with a new promotion that hasn’t been done before?

Whether you’re organizing customer support FAQ’s, marketing checklists, social media downloads that drive new email addresses, or your greatest classes ever, it’s time to organize your most important inventory… your intellectual property.

Think about your sales manager {or shoot, even you on a busy day} could take a client from on the fence to sold, by accessing your treasure chest of key levers or a bonus that’s exactly what they needed to say yes because it was easily accessible in a ready to search database.

Now that my friends is powerful.

So I have Jordan Gill, Founder of The Kolada Group, back for a third and final episode this week sharing how we can keep everything all organized and in one place!

Listen into Episode 125 and you’ll learn:

  • Everyone has an online business – whether you have a “brick and mortar” or not!
  • Why there’s value in repurposing
  • More isn’t better…
  • Find your profit centers while doing what gets you excited
  • Why email isn’t dead
  • Jordan explains the Google Doc system she created which she calls the Hub, and the six sections it contains


80/20 Principle by Richard Koch


Inventory Management

With grit + gratitude,


Podcast Episode 123: Systems Saved Me- How to Avoid Wasting Tens of Thousands of Dollars on Inefficient Marketing {and get all your social media covered in less than 3 hours a month}

With social media, there is no middle ground.

You fall into one of two camps:

1.You either see social media as a creative extraordinary thing that you love being a part of


2. You dread every minute that you spend on it

Whatever camp you fall in, you’re always worrying about a few things: making your images really pretty, what the heck to say, and mostly, how do I fit all of this in a reasonable amount of time?

There are friends of mine who have truly built their business on social media, but for most of us, we really can’t just spend all day on Instagram.

We just want to know how we can do social media WITHOUT it taking over your life?

That’s where Jordan comes in.

She has this down to quite a science so you don’t have to keep your phone attached to your hip.

Can we get a hallelujah?

So in Episode 123, you’ll learn:

  • What is a social media editorial calendar
  • Jordan’s ratio for selling posts frequency compared to other purpose-driven posts
  • Why you don’t always have to be creating brand new content
  • What context switching is and how it serves your productivity in a better way
  • Why people will invest in you if you invest in them first
  • The difference between creating images and curating images, and how each are used

Social Media Editorial Calendar

With grit + gratitude,

Podcast Episode 122: 63 Minutes with Nancy Castiglioni, Who’s Merging Pilates, Travel and A Home Base of Panama Into One Of The Most Exciting Visions I’ve Ever Seen

There are a few things you should know about Nancy Castiglioni…

  1. She’s Argentinian {and brings a fiery passionate spirit into everything she does from Pilates to travel to motherhood}.
  2. She moved to the US when she was 17 without speaking a word of English {and has taken this adventurous Spirit around the world as she’s raised her children and built her career}.
  3. Her grandmother escaped Nazi Germany and settled in Argentina {and instilled in her a steady understanding that she could do…and overcome…anything}.
  4. She’s equally comfortable in stilettos and suits or pointe shoes {since she’s been dancing since she was 6 and spent her time in boardrooms before moving to the mat}.
  5. She started her Instagram feed a year and a half ago because when her daughter asked to set up an account {and now has almost 50K followers watching her daily Pilates and fitness videos}.
  6. She’s someone I could spend hours on the phone with {and weeks traveling with} and still find things to talk about because she’s so doggone fabulous.

This is one of the episodes that kept on going long after we actually finished, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to coax Nancy back on with me, but in the meantime, join us as we chat about:

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How it was love at first sight for Nancy when she was introduced to Pilates
  • The ways she’s been able to infuse other areas of fitness, like aquatics, with Pilates
  • How Nancy adapts the movements she teaches so that her students can perform them at home, with no gym required
  • What she learned from her grandparents and their inspirational story
  • How she’s built her Instagram following to 50k just by doing what she loves and connecting with others



https://www.facebook.com/Nancy-Castiglioni- 1831302593861320

*Nancy mentions that she can be contacted on WhatsApp

With grit + gratitude,


Podcast 121: Systems Saved Me- How You Can Add An Additional 6 Figures A Year By Implementing A Simple 3 Step Client Onboarding Process

When I started in my business, there was one thing and one thing alone that was missing that I wanted more than anything.

It’s not the sexiest thing. Not the most glamorous thing. But I knew it was the one thing that would give me freedom. And that’s systems.

After years of creating systems and pulling them all together, I could expand my brand, my empire and ultimately train other people to do things in my business.

And if there’s one thing for you to do today, it’s putting some key systems in your business to experience true freedom.

My guest today is going to be talking all about those systems and how we can input them into your business ASAP.

Jordan Gill, the founder of The Kolada Group, is a business operations consultant who helps you maximize the efficiency of your tech and teams.

This will be a series of episodes for the next 3 weeks going over your client onboarding process, social media management, and inventory management.

Up first is your client onboarding process so listen in to Episode 121 and learn:

  • A simple way to get a customer for life!
  • Which large company “surprises and delights” its customers (and an example of a small company that’s doing just this)
  • What is the biggest mistake that companies are making in the client onboarding process
  • What can go wrong by not educating your client on the process
  • Three types of people your business will have to cater to
  • Our three areas of focus for onboarding
  • What truly makes a really great brand!


  • http://thekoladagroup.com/
  • https://www.facebook.com/thekoladagroup/
  • http://kolbe.com/assessments/
  • https://bucket.io/

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