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Podcast Episode 118: Meet Jenny Fenig, Who’s Turned A Corporate Career Into a Spiritual Coaching Phenomenon

Six months or so ago I met a bubbly, momma to three, who asked one simple question, “Are you ready to get gutsy?”

The fact is, it caught me a little off guard.

I’ve always assumed I was the gutsy one of the group, but the more she gently prodded in her thoughts and questions, the more I wondered how much of “me” I was really putting out into the world.

And, all the while every time I would see something this lovely women had written, I’d gently feel myself pulled to another greater place another bigger possibility.

I’ve been blessed to watch Jenny Fenig journey round the world, homeschool her son when he needed change {and family} the most and touch the lives of thousands of women with her powerful questions, challenges and dreams.

Join Jenny and I on Episode 118 as we chat about:

  • How Jenny discovered the power of following your gifts and knowing what you are meant for
  • What made Jenny start her own coaching school
  • What it means to her to “comfortably numb” (and how she overcame it!)
  • How easy to lose yourself in the race to nowhere…


Get Gutsy by Jenny Fenig

With Grit + Gratitude,


Podcast Episode 117: How I Would Start My Brick and Mortar Businesses If I Could Do It All Over Again

Three months ago, Dan and I had an epic milestone in parenthood…we showed Remy “Back to the Future” in all its 1980’s glory.

We cheered on George in his battles with Biff, begged Marty to make it home, ate far too much popcorn and decided time travel had its pros and cons.  I had no idea how philosophical 8 year olds could be when Remy said, “you know Momma, I have a feeling there are more than a few things I could redo in life and get them better this time around.”

I have a feeling he was thinking more of soccer goals, NOT getting caught reading after bedtime and reconsidering that time he decided our four pound dog should take a bath with him {epic parenting fail}, but it took me to a very different place….

What would I have done differently if I was opening a business again for the very first time?

I’ve spent the last six weeks chatting with different business owners and we narrowed down the main categories of change to 3 areas:

  1. Financial:  Questions, like “how much savings do you really need to have?” {hint:  never enough} and “what’s the idea amount to pay for a lease?” ranked as highly as “how do I pay my team?”.  Now, I’ve never taken a business or accounting class, so experience has been my teacher and it has certainly taught me that one thing truly matters: the more you put into getting your finances right before you open your doors, the more likely your doors will stay open {and you will stay profitable}.
  2. Mindset:  Some days I feel like this word is bandied about without anyone knowing what the right mindset truly means, but in this case I’ll be very clear.  You will be moving from an employee to an entrepreneur and your priorities and thought processes must change in turn.  The hardest time I had was honestly in determining how to pay someone who had been “me” just months before.  But, keeping the right mindset over why I was here and what my role was, gave me a peace of mind I never expected.
  3. Systems and Strategies:  Whoever tells you that you can open your doors and this business will just happen…well, they’ve clearly never run a business.  The more you come into this with clear systems that you can replicate and teach to others, the more likely you’re going to get yourself past profitable and into entrepreneur dream world.  This takes some work, some learning and the investment of time and potentially money to see what it takes to truly build an epic business, but the good news is, you’ve got the time to do it.

So whether you’re opening your first business or you’re just wanting to give your existing business a refresh, take a step back to the past with me, and learn, what I would do if I was starting all over again.  

With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

Podcast Episode 116: Crash & Learn with Chris Norton

Crash & Learns are where I interview an entrepreneur about a time that they probably don’t want to talk about – a total business failure.

This week, I’m talking to Chris Norton, keynote speaker at Chris Norton Motivation, founder of Power of Faith When Tragedy Strikes, and director of the SCI CAN Foundation.

Chris’s life shifted dramatically and it brought him to his purpose in helping others overcome crazy life circumstances. You’re going to want to hear this.

Listen in on Episode 116 and you’ll learn

  • How the values that Chris had instilled in him by his parents, sports teams and school gave him the strength to fight and heal
  • He desired to have a purpose for himself – while serving others
  • There are two aspects in Chris’s life that he is always able to control, no matter what someone tells him…
  • What is something that Chris does daily to keep him grounded?



The Power of Faith When Tragedy Strikes by Chris Norton and Terry Norton

Eric LeGrand https://www.facebook.com/EricLeGrand52/

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With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

Podcast Episode 115: Becoming Team Disney- 4 Strategies You Can Use Today To Turn Your Team Into a Customer Service Powerhouse

Who has been to the happiest place on Earth?

If you’re anything like me, you get a huge grin on your face just thinking about those big ole Mickey Mouse ears.

Ever since I was a little girl, I can remember all the incredible experiences I had riding the train through Disney and exploring every nook and cranny.

Specifically when I was 4 years old, my nana was diagnosed with lung cancer and didn’t have a lot of time left. And when she had a choice of what she wanted to do with her time left, she wanted to go straight to Disney.

You can see why I have such fond thoughts of that incredible park in Orlando.

Disney started out knowing that their customer experience is one of the most important parts of why people would be a part of their community.

That’s something that taught me a lot about my own company. My clients had a journey that they wanted and NEEDED to be on.

As we look at building an incredible client experience , we’re going to use Disney as inspiration.

So listen into Episode 115 and you’ll learn:

  • How the Disney cast members relates to my team members
  • What is schema and how is it used to describe job descriptions?
  • Why credentials can be secondary to personality and values
  • The difference between interviewing and holding an audition using action based hiring
  • How a list of responsibilities and a role differs

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With grit + gratitude,
Xo Lisé