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Sleep: The #1 Strategy to Building a Successful Company {and Staying Sane For the Long Term

Arianna Huffington has written a bestseller on it.

The New York Times is proclaiming it’s praises.

Harvard Business School can’t stop talking about it.

The single most important thing for an entrepreneur is none other than…


These Four Tools Are The Whole Reason I Get Things Done

A few weeks ago I hit my limit. Several last minute meetings had made it onto my calendar, I was booked full with clients, and nothing on my priority list had gotten done.

I sat there seething with frustration. Where had all the hours in my day gone? How did everyone wind up on my calendar with 20 minute bursts in between that weren’t long enough for me to do anything productive on my business? And, how was I going to fix it?

And, I was reminded of a very important truth.

If you don’t control your schedule, someone else will.


A History Lesson + The Less Is Better Mindset

Let me set the stage.


Philadelphia. The US of A. June 6, 1776. The Second Continental Congress.


Richard Henry Lee introduces a motion for independence. A committee is formed and less than four weeks later a document is accepted that changes not just the United States, but colonialist powers throughout the world from Haiti to France to India.


The Declaration of Independence.


This is a remarkably simple document. It leaves our far more than it shares.