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What do you need to decide before you hire?

{hint} It’s not a job description, a comp plan or your onboarding manual.

No, in my mind you need to start with your principles. Good news is that some people have done a very good job of building you a template of ideas.

Enter Amazon.


What skills does your newest hire really need to have?

When it comes to size, there are three phases of business in my estimation:

1. Lone Wolf. This is you when you start on your own. For some of my clients they don’t want to ever move past this stage. And, if you build the right business with vacation time and boundaries, this can be a wonderful place. But, know that you will always be bound to the number of hours in the day that you work.

2. Bistro Table Sized. Generally when my employees want to grow, they hire on one, maybe two employees, just enough to have room to enjoy lunch around a bistro table. For some, this is the bookkeeper or housekeeper that they’ve needed—not a true employee, but someone who has freed up your time so you can focus on the revenue and client side. For others it’s a technician, someone who is there to service additional clients.

3. Full-time staffing manager needed. I’ve found once you move beyond five employees, you either need to take on the role of a manager or to hire one. This is a new position one focused entirely on revenue growth and potential. It’s also focused on keeping your employees motivated, happy, and serving your customers at peak levels.


4 People. 4 Very Different Incomes. 4 Very Different Mindsets

How much money do you make?

How much money do you want to make?

Do you have debt?  A lot or little?  Positive debt {going towards something that’s appreciating} or Negative debt {going towards something that’s depreciating}?


Build a life plan, not a business plan {Part Deux}

My first two part series.

So hopefully you’ve heard me loud and clear last week. You can actually have a business and a life {both of which you love}.

But, it doesn’t just happen. In fact, I believe this is the most intentional action you will take in your business. It’s possible, but it’s not probable unless you choose to make it so.

So how do I do it?

1. Begin with your dream day.

Creating a dream day sounds simple. In fact, I almost skipped this step myself recently. Until, I realized the “dream day” running through my head, wasn’t actually my dream day. It was what I thought my day should be based on my clients, my current business, the start of Remy’s school day and Dan’s travel schedule.

It was based on what I “should do” not what I actually wanted.

{oh my moment} Let’s just say I sat down and mapped out my real day and we promptly changed three of the programs coming up and our calendar. It’s that important.

You can create a dream day in a timeline {think 7 AM, 10 AM, 5 PM, etc…} or in a paragraph form like I did last week.

Here’s the questions I want you to ask yourself while you’re doing this:

  • How do I want to start and end my days?
  • How will I feel at 10 AM, 3 PM, and 6 PM?
  • Who will be a part of my day and when will our time together be?
  • What will I create each day?
  • What impact will my work make? What impact will my time with my family and friends make {hint: this can be as simple as a happy mind!}
  • What passions am I delving into each day and when will I devote time to them?

2. Then add in your dream numbers.

Yes, my dream numbers. I’ve been writing these down since long before I was making them. Crazy? No…when you establish to yourself what you are worth, it’s a lot easy to establish that when you share it with others.

So here’s what I want to know…. What do you actually want to make. Please don’t give this in an hourly rate. Instead, share with me what you want your yearly salary to be.

Now, let’s solidify this:
What does this dollar amount mean to you? To your life? To your family? To how you actually live day to day and in the long term?

I’ve found in my life, that setting a number goal arbitrarily, never gets me to where I want to go, but knowing why this number matters, changes everything.

Let’s run a few numbers.

First, what’s your Average Client Monthly Value. If you’ve hung out with me before you know this is probably my favorite metric in the whole wide world. I track it every single month. It’s simple to find. Divide your total monthly revenue by the number of active clients you had this month and you have your ACMV.

Total Monthly Revenue/Active Clients =ACMV

What’s the difference between 2015 or the start of 2016’s earnings and where you want to be? Let’s take that difference and divide it by your ACMV to find out how many clients you need to get there.

Difference in Earnings/ACMV = Number of New Clients Needed

3. Let’s overlay your current ideal day and your dream income and answer some key questions.

First, are you working too much or too little in comparison to this day and/or income?

Or, based on your Average Client Monthly Value, do we have a pricing problem?

Second, if you look at a typical day and your dream day, how much time is spent on major revenue projects—sales, client work, lead generation? How much time is spent on wasted activities that you should be paying someone else to handle {hint: housekeeping, graphic design and bookkeeping are key areas}.

We want to increase the amount of time you spend on projects that generate you income and decrease the tasks that suck time and energy from you. This opens up hours for your dream day.

Third, what do you need to cut out of your current day and what do you need to add to it to in order to create a semblance of your ideal day while still earning your dream income?

4. If you’re reading this and saying I want to make some changes, set real goals and finally cut back my day, take a peek at this video.

For the next 2.5 weeks, Todd Herman, who is my go to guy for productivity is heading through this annual video series {Click Here for a peek at video 1}.

Last year, I took his free content and turned it into something amazing. So amazing, that I decided to do some serious work with him {in fact you’ve, if you’ve been on any of my goal setting webinars, you’ve probably already heard this story}.

The results?

Life changing. Revenue changing. Profit Changing. Schedule Changing.

It’s that good.

And, since I need some series accountability, I decided to take it one step further. I wanted to invite you. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be doing a little challenge for us. All you have to do is watch for my emails, see the videos and HIT REPLY and tell me what you think. That simple.

Take a look and be sure to email us at support@lisekucker.com and tell me what you think of this!