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Thought so.
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Podcast Episode 158: Meet Chelsea Kocis, The COO and Co-Founder of Swerve Whose Transforming the Model {and Ride} of Boutique Cycling

I heard about Swerve Fitness from a friend, a former college athlete turned Wall Street trader with a heart of gold and abs of steel.  

Since he’d never remotely shown an interest in boutique fitness, and he fits the description of the male clients so many studios dream of, I started listening fast when he described one of his new favorite workouts…

At a cycling studio founded on team, where community rules, but results are oh so real.  

The more I dug into Swerve, the more I was fascinated…

A totally new business model in the cycling world… Check.

An innovative founding crew who saw a hole in the market and filled it… Check.

And, the team and systems to support rapid growth… The BIGGEST Check of All.  

So I was thrilled when Chelsea Kocis, the COO and Co-Founder of Swerve, let me peek behind the curtains and deep dive into the systems, analytics and hiring processes behind this cutting edge studio.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Chelsea successfully implemented the concept of competition into her classes
  • How they managed to bring teamwork and motivation to boutique fitness
  • Why building community inside and outside the classroom is a major part of what they do
  • What is a “speaker series”
  • How often should change your packages and what is the best way to do so without overwhelming or confusing your customers
  • What the hiring and training process looks like for Chelsea’s company
  • Ideas on employee retention that she practices with her team

With grit + gratitude,


Podcast Episode 157: The #1 Mindset Shift To Real Freedom In Your Studio

For years, I’ve thrown around the word FREEDOM in a rather innocuous way.  

It’s been the loose idea of the perfect life, the life where it all goes my way, where the bad is banished, and suddenly all those worries and anxieties disappear and reemerge into utter bliss {sound familiar?}.  

In my mind, this version of freedom was enough… in fact, it was the epitome, but…

When a good friend laid out his version of freedom recently, I realized I was missing the biggest part of the picture.  

In Gabe’s version of freedom, it’s two-fold.  

Part One, is the “freedom from” and no doubt, if you’re like me, you can fill in a list of items you’re looking for freedom from…

Inconsistent employees… check.

Revenue not where you want it to be… check.

Not enough clients through the door… check.

Too much work, too little time… check.

The “Freedom From” list can become so long, so overwhelming, so deep, that we often forget that it’s only half of what real freedom looks like.  

The irony of the “Freedom From” half of this, is that it can fuel us to consider change, to dream big, to get angry, but it’s rarely intense, frustrating, or bad enough to push us to buckle down, take the leap, and make the hairy, scary change that actually provides real freedom.  

That’s where Part Two, the “Freedom For” comes in.  

Sometimes, the idea of what we’re being set free for seems so far out, so distant, that it’s hard to even imagine what life will be once we get there, but…

It’s knowing what’s there that gives us the push, the drive, the will to say yes in the hardest of moments when your clients, your business, your team, and your time are saying “is change really worth it?”.

In today’s episode we’ll learn:

  • How freedom surrounds me
  • My business has showed both myself and my clients freedom
  • Reverse the course of freedom – but setting yourself free comes with change
  • The ways I was able to build this freedom into my business

With grit + gratitude,


Podcast Episode 156: Meet Alex Crow, The Teacher Trainer Extraordinaire Whose Retreats, Training and Work Are Developing a New Generation of Yogis

Alexandria Crow isn’t your typical yoga teacher.  

Alexandria Crow

When she wrote me and asked if she really was a good fit because she’s an anti-marketing yogi, I jumped for joy. You see, Alexandria is first and foremost, true to who she is, and without the marketing, the crazy hype and “brand,” she’s been transforming lives around the world over the last 7 years.  

She’s a trainer of teachers, first and foremost, and a woman who is guiding her students on an epic journey of transformation — whether it’s their first time to bend onto a yoga mat or it’s a practice they’ve dedicated their life to.  

But, most importantly, she’s a yogi with a mission… to transform the lives of students around the world, to bring yoga back to it’s roots and to ensure that the growth they feel on the mat is something they can carry with them into the office, the classroom, or home, because it’s instilled in their very life.  

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Alex didn’t agree to conform to a specific way of teaching when working under another brand
  • How she was able to create what she believed yoga meant (and explain this to her clients)
  • Ways that her teachings are solution based and honor the history of yoga
  • The importance of fully knowing and understanding one teaching before moving on and exploring others
  • Why Alex choses to be the change that she is demanding
  • Why it is that “marketing” is a word people do not like to use in the yoga world
  • Transparency is key!

With grit + gratitude,


Podcast Episode 155: 5 Lessons To Learn Today From Uber {That Will Add Dollars To Your Studio’s Bottom Line and Erase Headaches From Your Life}

I’ll make the assumption that you’ve heard of a little company called Uber.  

You likely know it as a car service.

But, I view it as a massive force of change that’s transforming the entire transportation industry and providing some epic lessons in the process.

“Wait. Seriously? Uber and my studio have something in common.”  

Yup. These five lessons truly can change it all.  

1. Lesson One: The Customer Is NOT Always Right. 

This can be a painful one. After all, we’ve been told forever, that the customer is ALWAYS right. But, what happens when they aren’t? How do you handle the customer that’s broken all the rules and still wants you to make an exception?

The fact is you’re gonna face a time, when you will have to acknowledge your customer isn’t right {and that you can’t curb to their demands out of integrity}, but I’ve got a way to keep the customer happy and your boundaries firm.  

2. Supply and Demand Rules the Roads {and Your Studio}.

We all likely know this economic rule. The higher the demand, the lower the supply, the higher the price.  

So why don’t we operate under it in our studios?  

I’ve got three ways you can implement supply and demand without scaring off your customers {and making sure you can always continue your growth}.

3. You don’t have to be the first person into the market {but you do need to do it best}.

I always used to believe the first time’s a charm {and the first one into the market is the winner}. But, I’ve never been the first into my market, although I’ve always become the best.  

It only takes one simple thing to bring your studio to it’s best and it all come down to the customer experience you provide.  

4. Sometimes your most valuable assets are your biggest competitors.

Community > Competition. Somedays I think this is the most shared post on Instagram, but the one least likely to see people take action on.  

I get it, cause I’ve been as afraid of my competitors as anyone else. But, after years of learning to work with them, I’ve come to realize that there are times {assuming you have the right competition} that you and your market can take major leaps forward by banding together {and I’ve got some great ideas how}.  

5. Just because you’ve founded the business doesn’t mean you should be the CEO.

This one is the one that hurts a little to write. But, I’ve learned the hard way that there are times you’re meant to lead and times you’re meant to hire the leader. Here’s a few great examples of how to know if you’ve reached that point.  

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Uber has taught lessons to businesses in every industry!
  • Why the customer isn’t always right
  • What Uber can tell us about the principle of supply and demand
  • You don’t need to do it first – but you need to do it best
  • Why client experience will always trump everything else
  • Why your biggest competitors can be your biggest assets
  • Just because you started the business doesn’t mean you should be running it

With grit + gratitude,